Founded in 2016 to support women and men released by Presidential commutation and sentence modifications as they sought to successfully integrate back into society. Now a private effort to reshape reentry in the time of the coronavirus pandemic. Website under revision (April 2, 2020).

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Informative article about PNO: Halfstepping Criminal Justice Reform: Reentry and the Experience of Formerly Incarcerated People. Marsha Weissman and Norman Brown  describe the meaning of clemency, reentry and justice reform.

PNO welcomed the First Step Act with a critical eye on its contributions to reentry:

Project New Opportunity and the First Step Act

The FSA is not “Reentry Friendly: What to do About It


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If you have a family member, friend or loved one who is being released earlier than expected from federal prison as the result of a successful motion for sentence modification, clemency or relief under the Johnson line of cases in the United States Supreme Court, they may be eligible for the services PNO provides.

Read about us and who is eligible for our services on the “About” page on this website. If you believe the person you care about is among those we can help, send them a copy of our Enrollment Form directly, or contact us and we will send him or her the Enrollment Form and information. As soon as the person you care about completes and returns an Enrollment Form, we will confirm eligibility and assign a Reentry Consultant to work with that person and with you to make their return a success.

Private grants support PNO, so PNO will not charge you or your loved one for this service.

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If you are a federal prisoner who received a “Drugs Minus Two” sentence modification, a commutation of sentence, or relief under the Johnson line of cases in the United States Supreme Court, we may be able to help with your return.

Eligibility depends upon where the Federal Bureau of Prisons will release you and other factors. Participation is voluntary and without cost to you or your family. The first step is to send us a completed Enrollment Form. Obtain a copy on line if possible, from a family member or your attorney, or by sending a request directly to us via Corrlinks at

After PNO receives your completed enrollment form and confirms eligibility, we will assign you a Reentry Consultant. The Consultant will answer questions, collect information, help you figure out your next steps and connect you to people and organizations who will assist you with matters such as identification, housing, employment, and family reunification.

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Courts, Corrections and Service Providers

PNO connects the individual leaving prison with appropriate resources –broadly construed to include supporting appropriate agencies, organizations, programs, reentry courts, faith-based groups, community colleges, vocational programs and private employers as well as family and community members who take an interest in returning prisoners.

PNO does not supplant or replace BOP’s on-going reentry assistance or its halfway house programming, nor does it alter Federal Probation’s supervisory role and authority. PNO facilitates application and screening processes, minimizes delays and helps returning prisoners acclimate to their setting.

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