Original Eligibility Criteria

In its original formation, PNO’s funding restricted client eligibility to individuals who were to be released from the Bureau of Prisons ahead of their original sentence date because of:

(1) a grant of Presidential clemency or sentence commutation; or

(2) a “Drugs Minus Two” sentence modification.

As of March 2020, PNO will accept clients or provide technical assistance and advice to reentry programs and Departments of Corrections that choose to adopt the PNO program model to facilitate the release of individuals from jails and prisons as a strategy to reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Lives are at stake. PNO’s approach to reentry expands the number of people who can be released and protects the health of corrections professionals, individuals being released, and the community to which they return.


The process for applying from the BOP

The following text describes our original application process:

An individual who desired and believed they were eligible for PNO’s program completed and submitted an Enrollment Form. Incarcerated individuals could request an Enrollment Form directly from PNO through Corrlinks or through their attorney, a family member, or an authorized member of their support network.  Once completed, the Enrollment Form was sent to PNO by mail or through Corrlinks.

After PNO received an applicant’s completed Enrollment Form, a Washington D.C.-based staff member established email or postal mail contact with the individual and answered immediate questions. When time permitted, PNO assigned a Reentry Consultant to work with an individual six months in advance of transfer to a halfway house or to home confinement, or as soon as practicable.

Although PNO preferred to work with individuals before their arrival at a BOP halfway house, PNO accepted applications from individuals who were in federal halfway houses.

The Reentry Consultant and the individual determined the best way to communicate: via Corrlinks, postal mail, telephone, video call, or a combination of those. Together the individual and the Reentry Consultant gained an understanding of each other and began to plan for a successful return.