30 March 2016

President Obama discusses sentence commutations over lunch with seven recipients including, Norman Brown at Busboys and Poets in Washington, D. C., 30 March 2016.


31 March 2016

White House Briefing on Life After Clemency. Full program (58 minutes) with White House Council Neil Eggleston, other officials, and at 14:30, clemency recipients Ramona Brant, Norman Brown, Rudolph Norris and Shawna Barry-Scott at:


2-3 December 2016

Project New Opportunity Orientation and Training was a two day event held in Washington, DC where our current consultants were introduced, an insight of our organization and what we do was presented, and a celebration for our very own Deputy Director, Norman Brown.


14 February 2017

Washington, D. C.’s Council for Court Excellence (CCE) convened Beyond Second Chances Re-entry Forum, attended by returning citizens, re-entry service providers and advocates, DC and federal government officials, and concerned community members. Norman Brown spoke on one of two panels. The Forum was a follow-up to CCE’s evaluative report, Beyond Second Chances, and launched the group’s Fair Chance Employment Initiative.

1 May 2017

Malcolm C Young and Norman Brown testify before the Committee on Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization, Council of the District of Columbia.  PNO supported   strategic planning for the District’s reentry process and opposed the Mayor’s request for $2.3M allocation for a “reentry portal” serving D. C. residents released from the District’s Department of Corrections but not citizens returning from incarceration in the BOP.  Available: our written statement and a video of testimony given the Committee.

6 June 2017

FAMM Prison Reform Hearing Part 2 shows a panelist discussing prison reform and the state of reentry. 4 out of 5 of our experts served time themselves, giving a unique inside-look at the issue. FAMM’s Report and Summary: “Using Time to Reduce Crime: How Prison Reform Can Reduce Recidivism”, featured Deputy Director, Norman Brown. Panelist Include: Shon Hopwood, Georgetown University Law Center; Nancy LaVigne, Urban Institute; Kevin Ring, FAMM; David Safavian, American Conservative Union Foundation; Congressmen (D) Va. Bobby Scott.

7 June 2017

Rooftop reception honoring CCA’s Founding Executive Director Marsha Weissman at “The Castle,” the Fortune Society’s halfway house at W 140th and Riverside Drive overlooking the Hudson, in Harlem. Marsha collaborated with Malcolm Young in PNO’s program design and is preparing a report on PNO’s launch and experience. Shown: Marsha Weissman, Malcolm Young, Norman Brown.

30 August 2017

PNO’s Deputy Project Director Norman Brown, & Reentry Consultant Stacey Moises with Emma Sargent, in Philadelphia for a meeting with PNO partners and to observe a federal reentry court session. First, a stop at Quaker City Coffee Company to meet co-owner Christian Dennis and fellow employee Taylor. Great coffee in a shop run by and hiring people who were once incarcerated. An uplifting day!

6 September 2017

Wonderful reception by The Rotary Club of Washington DC Capital! On 6 September 2017, Malcolm Young and Norman Brown spoke before an interested, energetic, concerned group of civic leaders, to describe challenges and success in reentry, PNO, and mass incarceration. We were moved by the interest and response by people who care about who goes into our prisons and what happens to them as they come out.

14 September 2017

Open Society Foundation’s Justice Roundtable Assembly will feature Deputy Project Director Norman Brown, an Obama-era commutation recipient, to discuss his work and journey and Lashonia Thompson-El, current Restorative Justice Facilitator with the DC Office of the Attorney General to discuss her new book, “Through the Wire My Search for Redemption.”

Norman Brown (Project New Opportunity), Nkechi Tiafa and LaShonia Thompson El this morning at OSF’s Justice Roundtable, speaking on reentry and mass incarceration.

19 October 2017

Malcolm Young and Norman Brown testified before the Judiciary Committee Council of the District of Columbia. Project New Opportunity testimony was in favor of the bill “Clemency Board Establishment Act of 2017. Available is a video of the testimony and our written statement. Director Young’s testimony starts at 2:46:02 following Deputy Director Brown at 2:54:06.

1 November 2017

Norman Brown, Malcolm Young, and Lucinda Greene attended the Fall Tree Planting Ceremony presented by the Rotary Club of Washington DC. The Tree Planting Ceremony honored recent speakers and took place at Downtown McPherson Square Park. PNO was honored with an American Elm tree that is located at the NW corner of 15th and K Street.

9 November 2017

Ed Chung, Center for American Progress and guest host for the Leslie Marshall Show (right) explores right to counsel in criminal cases with Kim Ball, Research Professor at American University, and, as described by Malcolm Young, the importance of council in the Obama-era Clemency 2014 initiative, where over 4,000 volunteer attorneys screened requests, prepared and submitted 2,600 petitions, and brought to freedom 894 of their clients.  Click to listen to podcast. Director Young’s interview starts at 19:22.

7 December 2017

Malcolm Young and Norman Brown testified before the Judiciary Committee Council of the District of Columbia. Project New Opportunity testimony was in favor of the bill “Clemency Board Establishment Act of 2017″.  Available is a video of the testimony and our written statement. Director Young’s testimony starts at 54:00 following Deputy Brown at 1:02:45.

12 January 2018

Friday before Martin Luther King Day at Temple Sinai in Northwest Washington, D. C: The denial of civil rights and the disproportionate prosecution and imprisonment of African Americans for drug offenses are two of the most extensive and perverse examples in American history of the oppression of a minority by a democratic majority. People struggling in communities that have economically collapsed and people returning to those communities from prison, confronted by a hostile social environment, become “crushed in spirit,” ground down by hard, profitless work. Yet with encouragement and guidance from Project New Opportunity’s Reentry Consultants, our clients are finding their way. Read edited text of address here.