Yes, we can use your help!

PNO launched as a small pilot program in April 2016. We built a team, helped people make the difficult transition from federal prison to freedom, adjust to a new life, and find their place in community and among family.

The work we do and the successes we have are only limited by the resources we have.

PNO takes the position that most reentry services and programs should be supported by government. Successful reentry saves the government lots of money, and adds to the tax rolls.  We argue this point, but in the meantime, we have to ask four your help.

We are focused on recipients of President Obama’s sentence commutations (clemency). About 470 are still in federal prison. Many have little idea about how to return to communities that have changed or disappeared. They now face daunting challenges in reuniting with families, finding employment, accessing housing and simply adjusting to freedom. Incarcerated for at least ten years, and many much longer, they enter a world far different from the one they left.

We don’t want this last group of clemency recipients –almost one-third the total– to be forgotten.

PNO asks for your financial support so that we can assign Reentry Consultants to clemency recipients returning to locations in which PNO’s Reentry Consultants are able to provide advice and counsel. Our goal is to ensure the success of each clemency recipient’s transition to freedom.

To Contribute

Contributions by check should be made out to “Center for Community Alternatives” with a notation elsewhere on the check “For Project New Opportunity.”  Mail to:

Linda Goodman, Finance Manager
Center for Community Alternatives
115 E. Jefferson Street – Suite 300
Syracuse, NY 13202

For contributions by credit card, go to Center for Community Alternatives website at: and follow these instructions:

1) Click on “Donate Now,” complete the information on the next page, and then check “Yes” at the bottom “Is this Donation In Honor of Or In Memory of an Individual?”

2) On the next page “In Honor/ Memory Information,” click on “In Honor of” and enter “Project New Opportunity” on the top line as the “Individual’s name.” 

The rest of the information on the “In Honor/ Memory Information” page may be left blank.

3) Click on “enter Credit Card Information” and complete the form as indicated

Donations are deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code.